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Dream Machine Classics Auto Club (DMC) was one of the early clubs to start Cruise Nites in Connecticut; the DMC club is still active today.

Our founding purpose is to share our hobby with other car owners and to promote auto interest with the public.

DMC runs a cruise at The Montville Commons in the Home Depot Parking Lot, Montville, CT, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from May through September.


Great local place to check out, click on photo to link to their website...


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George Fratoni


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Active Member of Dream Machine Classics Auto Club of Eastern Connecticut (DMC), George Fratoni, passed away May 15, 2015, following a battle with cancer; George was 56 years old.

George's Club Membership with the DMC began in 1983, he served on the Executive Board for 4 years as Recording Secretary until the time of his illness in 2014.

George was an avid Auto Sports fan and was a member of the New England Antique Racers (NEAR) Club as well as the Dream Machine Car Club with his many cars over the years.

Our Condolences go out to his wife Sharon and the Family at this time of loss. George will be missed by many of our Friends and DMC Members. Click here for a full obituary.

Longtime Friend,
Ron Phillips, Vice President, DMC

George Fratoni at Colchester

George Fratoni and Scott Poirier at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

DMC Members